Astrology and Your Spiritual Path

Astrology and Your Spiritual Path

When I think of a spiritual life or what a spiritual path means to me, beautiful pictures filled with feelings of love, peace, joy, serenity, inner calmness, relaxation, and caring for others come to my mind. More than ever, I believe, others too, are beginning to think about their spirituality and what it means to them. I am sure there are as many different opinions about this as there are people.

For the past four years or so I have been on the most amazing spiritual growth journey of my own. Really amazing!

One of the things I used to say all the time with complete sincerity because I believed it was, “I know who I am” but in reality, I found I didn’t even realize the tip of the iceberg about who I was or really who anyone else was, either. Now I cringe when I hear someone say that, but I know they believe what they are saying.

Teachings along my spiritual path have taken me from having so many opinions, thoughts and ways of doing things that I considered to be “just who I am” to another whole different reality. I have always seen myself as a basically good person and figured since I was a good wife, mother, and grandmother, and I helped people anytime I could, things like gossip, judgments, criticisms, anger and such were just naturally a part of being a person with no karma or repercussions attached.

But I am being shown there are different ways of living and of thinking that are actually beginning to help me to begin to feel really good about myself and everything around me. The teaching that takes you along your spiritual path can be very, very intense, and some people will want to go through this and get some understanding about what is being said, and some won’t.

We have all probably heard the expression “When the student is ready, the teacher will come.” And that is what happened in my case.

About this Astrology Spiritual Path Report

Although many parts of our spiritual paths are defined before we are born, many influences happen at birth which has a lot to do with our spiritual development. Many of these influences change the direction we were intended to follow and move us along other paths. This Spiritual Path report does not try to define, alter or give us opinions about our spiritual goal. What it does do is give us our astrological spiritual perspective and an understanding of how we can progress along in this development.

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