Astrology Birth Chart Reports

About Astrology Birth Chart Reports

Birth chart astrology reports are the most popular of all astrology reports. This is the basic report that anyone from a teenager through adulthood would benefit from having. I’ve heard it called things like “Your life story”, “The only book of your life you’ll ever need” and “The story that never changes”. This report is based on how the heavens were configured at the date, time and place of your birth — it’s a given, and it won’t ever be different.

Of course, people who are in a new or troubling romance probably would want a relationship compatibility report. Parents would choose a child astrology report. But all in all, most people’s first choice is the birth chart report and the reason is obvious — it’s a truly in-depth personal report that talks about each individual. I find that lots of best friends order this one as gifts.

Almost everyone knows their sun sign and something about it. For instance, a person with a cancer sun sign would present themselves quite differently than a person whose sun sign is Aries, or any of the other ten signs of the zodiac. Right away, an astrology report could begin to tell this person many things about herself that she didn’t know. There are many variables to be considered in casting an astrology birth chart including rising sign, planet placement in houses, element, modality, planets, aspects, and more. I know if you have never seen you’re your birth chart, you’ll be amazed at the things you can learn about yourself — as well as how you relate to other people.

All of your birth information, including the time and place, needs to be as precise as possible in order to get the positions of the ascendant, sun, moon and planets in the right place. Every fifteen minutes can make a difference in the chart’s interpretation which could change the Ascendant which discusses your “style” or the way you get things done and appear to others. I ran an experiment using my birth info to see what changed if the place was not accurate. I did this because there are some states that have two cities within it with the same name but in different counties. And the report was different.

Each report is a unique reading about only one person; in fact, it has been said that there are no two charts in the universe that are exactly alike — there are too many variables involved. So you can see you are one of a kind, not one in a million.

When you get this Birth Chart Astrology report, you get a whole little book about your inner self. This report averages about 30 pages in length. There is an additional special section which runs about 10 pages and explains all the astrological terms used in the report.

These birth chart reports are clear, easy to understand and probably give you information and discussions about questions you have been curious about at one time or another. They are computer accurate — calculated, cast and compiled specifically for each person.

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