Astrology Dating

Value of Astrology In Choosing a Mate

Astrology Dating which means using astrology and astrological compatibility charts and information gives anyone a head start in forming and strengthening relationships – whether you are seeking a casual or a permanent partnership. Many dating services, including online services, today use the power of astrology in pairing their clients who are naturally seeking the best possible match on many levels in their personal relationships. Of course, many very good dating services do not. And there are all kinds of options in between. It is clearly up to each client to make a choice.

Planets and Signs Ruling Dating

Venus is known as the planet of love, harmony, attraction and relationships. Your powers in attracting and responding in matters of the heart lie within your Venus sign. The sign where Venus was at the date, time and place of your birth will let you know your attitudes about love, how you express it, and what you see your ideal true love to be.

On the other hand, your sun sign reveals your very basic self, motivation and the purpose which you will match with your partner’s. It is the meshing of the two, Venus with the sun sign, that gives you the in-depth understanding of yourself and your love life. Further, by combining and comparing the birth charts of two different people, astrology can provide insights into the ways people are likely to get along and the dynamics involved. You’ll find more information about astrology, sun signs and compatibility here.  The Moon depicts the types of emotional needs that you bring into a relationship. It also is the governor of your daily habits and routines which are important when you are dealing with a partner.

The Ascendant is important in determining physical attraction between people. Mercury shows the “style” in which you communicate with another person. Juno describes what you need in a committed, long-term relationship. Your marriage partner should have some of the qualities of the sign where your Juno is placed. The Descendant depicts the qualities you seek in a long-term partnership, somewhat the same as Juno, as well as shows what you may project onto a partner.

Mars shows how you and your partner can work together. It also describes sexual attraction and sources of possible conflict.

Astrological Houses Involved in Dating

In astrology, the house that holds the moon is the focus of your emotion. The 5th households the keys to romantic love and flirtation. The 8th house deals with sex connected with regeneration as well as sex for sex’s sake, and the 11th house is about a love of friends and the joys of companionship.

In summary, this information is a good start as you begin to use, evaluate and analyze Astrology and Dating in your life.

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