Astrology Love Match

Finding your astrology love match is very important to most people because we all want love in our lives. Being in love is a wonderful thing or having someone to love in our lives make us feel much more fulfilled.

When we consult an astrologer to help us find our astrology love match then the planets most likely to be examen in our birth chart would be the Moon and Venus they are both yin or feminine planets. The position of these two planets in your horoscope will describe our feelings about love.

The role the Moon play in finding our astrology love match is like our guiding angel inside us all, it is the little voice within us who tell us not to worry we are going to be okay and the universe is a loving and caring place. The Moon nurtures us and gives us comfort and it describes our inner world and how we feel about nurturing and being cared for. You can look to the Moon in your astrology chart if you want to discover the person deep inside yourself. The Moon represents the mother and our feelings about the home.

Venus represents love, beauty and the affection you need. It has a need to create a harmonious atmosphere where each person can be appreciated for their own unique qualities and connect with others whose qualities complement their own. When we find a potential love match it is usually Venus who has a finger involved in the situation.

For a friendly attachment we look to Venus but also when we get a romantic union, connection on all levels is important to a happy life. Venus describes the way you offer yourself to a lover and what you want to give from your heart and what you want to receive.

Finding your astrology love match is a wonderful and exciting experience. You can find out a lot about the vibrational influence and attitude of your relationships in your life through the placement of Venus in your horoscope. Venus rules relationships and if you want to find out how compatible you and your mate are then it is a good combination if Venus is in a favorable aspect to the 7th house and Venus in each other’s horoscope to create a romantic union.

Looking at the position of Venus in your birth chart will give you a lot of answers to your questions. If you want to know in which field your creative talents lie and how you can best put it to use? Venus will tell you. Will you find happiness with your present lover? Or what kind of lover will I attract? You can find all the answers from the position of Venus in your birth chart.

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