Best horoscopes apps for Android and iPhone

Do you believe in astrology? She’s not as crafty as she seems. After all, we all sometimes need a few words of encouragement and motivation. If you believe in celestial bodies above us or want to have fun, choose the right app to not search for horoscopes on the Internet. If you’re going to read horoscopes daily or know what the future holds for you depending on your zodiac sign, the applications described below will help.

Chaturanga Astrology

Unlike most horoscopes, Chaturanga allows you to chat with an astrologer. The first question you can ask for free, for each following you need to pay separately or buy a subscription. The app specializes in a variety of topics including relationships, career, and business. There is compatibility with the Apple Watch if you have one.


Horoscope allows you to get access to horoscopes for the day, week, month and year. The program also allows you to chat with a medium. If you ask a question, the answer will be received within a few minutes. There’s also integration with the Apple Watch.

The DailyHoroscope

If you want to get access to different types of horoscopes, this program can help. It offers daily horoscopes, Chinese yearly horoscope, compatibility, zodiac signs and even the horoscope of the druids. The program is compatible with Android devices, iPhone, and iPad.

Horoscope and Tarot

This app allows you to see daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes. There is also daily divination on Tarot cards; you can ask questions to the astrologer. The app even offers several games, such as the Mood Ring and Magic Love Ball, supported in English and Spanish.

Astrologic Horoscopes & Tarot

This application uses the position of the planets to issue a horoscope, giving the opportunity to look into the future of professional career and personal life. You can configure it to provide the horoscope immediately after launch, so you do not need to spend time navigating to the desired screen. Also given divination on Tarot cards that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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