Health and Astrology

Health and Astrology have been intertwined since ancient times. Health Astrology – whether medical or dental- is concerned with health issues revealed when astrological planets, signs and their placement are analyzed through our astrology birth charts. The astrology birth chart is a fine indicator of where stress and imbalance are likely to affect our lives. Check this Health Astrology birth chart for the astrological sign and the part of the body ruled by that sign.

Health Astrology is a helpful adjunct used by many physicians as a factor in identifying their patients’ health issues and treatments for curing their problems. Health/Medical astrology is practiced extensively in many parts of the world today by informed doctors who are aware that the balance between mind, body, and spirit is of primary importance  for a healthy body.

Studying Health Astrology

The study of health astrology teaches that living in harmony with the body’s energy is an essential factor in maintaining health.

Those health astrologers ascribing to this particular system believe the body to be governed in such a way that there are particular set times for particular activities in relation to the body’s temperature and moisture and the fluctuations and relationships existing between them.

Accordingly, the first twelve hours after awakening, represented by the signs from Aries through Virgo, are to be used for activities requiring various but diminishing levels of heat energy. If those activities are not completed within that time period, then the regenerative bodily activities (Libra through Pisces)will be crowded out.

An example of this theory might be that during the first 2 hours of arising from sleep – the Aries period – activities or tasks requiring initiative, intellect and perseverance should be completed. While during the thirteenth through twenty-fourth hours, the body is ideally in a state of suspended animation, and the time for the filtering and restoration.

Being out of sync with the natural energies of the body will, sooner or later, result in dysfunction or illness.

Lastly, the field of Health Astrology is a growing one as many health practitioners familiarize themselves with the value of using astrology and all it entails as a diagnostic and treatment guide. Comparing an individual’s astrology birth chart with the chart as it appeared at the onset of illness gives the medical astrologer the tools to better understand, treat and prevent further occurrences, possibly through diet and other precautionary measures that might be learned from the studying the chart.

We all have to realize that because of the many variables involved, future illnesses, accident, etc. cannot be predicted based on astrology birth charts. What these charts do provide is guidance and forewarning to the astrology health professional.

Health- Ruled By:

  •     House – 1st and 6th House
  •     Planets –  Sun and Moon

Teeth – Ruled by:

  •     Planet: – Saturn

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