Pluto and Finances

When using astrology there are many aspects influencing your personal financial future. We see Pluto and finances be affected strongly when Pluto transit through certain houses such as your second, fifth, eight and tenth house in your horoscope.

Surely, the global and national economic conditions have its influence which naturally also has an affect on the economy of the region where you live. Personal gain is not always dependent on the economic situation around you. For some people who have developed their craft, it can actually be possible to gain even when most people are struggling to survive.

Why is that? The answer to this question is that it depends on where your individual planetary cycle is at the time. The nature of the planets in your financial area will explain whether you will gain or lose financially. Pluto and finances go well together providing you have worked hard at perfecting your skills. However, having said that it will not limit your options or opportunities but it will only allow you to achieve what you deserve and are capable of achieving.

There are certain areas of your horoscope which refers to your current or future financial situation. Natal planets (the position of planets when you were born) may indicate an opportunity to gain or earn money but transiting planets will tricker of these opportunities or crises. When you have a Pluto transit in one of the houses that influences your finances you can always expect big changes.

Usually, when a transiting planet comes around such as the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter it has a very positive affect. Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune have a sort of mixed influence. The Moon and Mercury have an easier affect from the active changes they represent.

But the transit of Pluto can be very powerful and this planet can tear everything down that is not worthwhile having in your life. Even though at the time it happens in your life you may be devastated but will be able to look back at the situation and see how much better your life is now. Transiting Pluto and finances can either make you or break you if you have not done your homework probably.

The impact of a Pluto transit focuses strongly upon the development of your personal skills and your capabilities and the struggle to obtain your financial goal. This can often mean that you seek to attain more wealth than others think you are capable of obtaining. Planning your financial future during a Pluto transit often requires a somewhat cold and calculating practical approach to the reality of life. The nature and extent of your effort do not matter as much as the opportunities available for you to advance in your life but continued hard work is nevertheless required.

With Pluto and finances lies the difficulty inherent in a Pluto transit and in the nature of the obstacles you face in your struggle to obtain your financial or material goals. While this transit does not limit your options or opportunities it will not allow you to achieve more than you deserve or are capable of attaining. This means that you could lose everything you have worked so hard to accomplish if you exceed your limitations or fail to live up to the promises or agreement you have made, that is something to think about.

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