Tricks to get a good night’s sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Don’t you remember what it was like to sleep soundly? We have tips, tricks and remedies for a good, deep natural sleep aid for pregnancy and they are better than taking linden!

What time do you turn off your cell phone?

What you do during the day influences how you sleep at night. To get a good night’s sleep, turn off your cell phone, tablet, computer… 2 hours before you go to sleep. The blue light emitted by the mobile or tablet and the continuous transmission of 3G or 4G data alter the segregation of the sleep hormone.

An early dinner

The ideal is to have dinner two hours before you go to sleep and make it a light meal, which does not mean scarce. It is important that you choose foods that are easy to digest, so that you don’t have to spend the night. Do you lack ideas for making a dinner that allows you to sleep well? We’ll tell you what to eat here.

Sport, first thing in the morning

Exercising regularly contributes to a good night’s sleep, but… it is better to do it in the morning, in the middle of the afternoon at the latest. If you exercise later, you may become too active and have trouble sleeping later. Since we can’t leave the house now, take note of this weekly exercise plan to take care of your body and mind during quarantine.

No tea or coffee in the afternoon

It’s true that not everyone is equally affected by drinking exciting beverages – or foods like chocolate – but it usually takes 7-8 hours for the body to eliminate the caffeine. Therefore, if you have sleep problems, don’t drink more than 2 cups of tea or coffee and don’t do so in the early afternoon.

Nap, yes or no?

It depends. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t. But if it doesn’t influence you, it’s advisable to take one as long as it doesn’t exceed 20 minutes.

The star natural remedy: infusion

Yes, our grandmothers fixed everything with herbs and this is still a holy hand to relax, encourage sleep and keep it up all night. The infusions of valerian, passion flower and/or California poppy are very advisable. And if you are not a fan of these drinks, you can always take them as natural complements.

Visit the bathroom before…

So that the urge to go to the bathroom doesn’t interrupt your sleep, visit the bathroom before getting into bed. And if they still wake you up, instead of going to the bathroom, do a Kegel exercise and try to hold it in. By training your pelvic floor, you’ll make sure that the urge to urinate doesn’t stop you from sleeping well.

Stretch before you get into bed

Hopefully, we will wake up before getting out of bed, but it is just as advisable to stretch before getting into bed, to release tension. You can also take deep breaths and force a little yawn, to call for sleep.

The best posture to sleep

Experts advise sleeping on the side and, if possible, on the left side, because this way the heart pumps better. But… it’s not a comfortable position for everyone. If it’s more normal for you to sleep on your back, ideally you should put a cushion under your knees to relax your back. Sleeping on your stomach is the least advisable because it forces the position of the neck and also the lumbar area. In this case, you should try to change your sleeping position.

Use a traditional alarm clock

Throw the cell phone out of your bedroom at any price. Not only does it make you sleep worse because it psychologically makes you watch for incoming messages or calls, but it also creates an electromagnetic field that can alter melatonin, the sleep hormone. So a traditional battery-powered alarm clock, without a transformer, which has the same effect as a mobile phone, will be your best option.

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