Yoga and Spirituality

Yoga has been one of the great assistants as I continue on my path of spiritual growth.

The level of concentration required to do the various poses keep my mind clear and in focus for the task, I am involved in.
There is a feeling of accomplishment each week as my body is able to stretch further than it was the previous week.

Although I do not know all of the particulars about every yoga pose, I know the particular ones I am doing were devised by Babaji. The program is known as Kriya Yoga and is practiced throughout the world.
I particularly am drawn to the twists which bring prana into the body and help rid the body of negativity.

Yoga exercises are interspersed with periods of complete rest. It is during this time that our guides do the work on our bodies integrating the changes brought to our bodies by that group of stretches and poses.
It was such a help to have Phaedre put the various sessions on tape for me to use as I do my yoga.

Included are some guided meditations at the end of each lesson. They are very relaxing and beneficial. My guides of the highest vibration and light make themselves available during these meditation sessions and work on my body. This is always an exhilarating experience.
After my regular yoga and meditation sessions, I am given a new and miraculous experience. I see hundreds of prana as I look toward the window. These appear in the picture window in my bedroom.

Also, I see beautiful colors – reds, yellows, whites, browns, blues, greens. I also see these colors taking shapes and moving. Often they seem to be pouring their miraculous benefits right into my body.
The prana is beginning to string together to take various configurations.

These experiences are beautiful and uplifting beyond words.
I am also able to see my higher self which takes the form of pale, pale yellow circular-like forms.

It is all beautiful and uplifting. They are events I would never have dreamed of or imagined in my wildest dreams.

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